Saturday, March 31, 2012

Summertime Outdoor Fun!

Now that Spring is in the air, my kids are looking for activities to do outside. I was looking on Pinterest and found an idea that was for adults and decided to change it a little and make it into something for the kiddos!

Get a wooden picnic table. Old or unfinished works just as well as a new one. Just be sure that it is safe and sturdy. Buy two plastic window boxes. The ones that hold flowers. Remove one to two planks in the middle of the table and replace them with the window boxes! This becomes an instant art studio for the outside. Keep finger paints, paint brushes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and whatever you can think of! You can also make this into a sand and water activity table and switch it back and forth. You can cover your table with a tarp and some bungee straps to keep it from being ruined by the weather!

This idea came from something I saw on Pinterest. It was a table where they removed the planks in the middle replaced it with a rain gutter and filled it with ice and served drinks in it for an outdoor party. My project could also be utilized in this way, but I think it would get more use doing it for the kids!

What not a better way to get them outside and using their imaginations!