Monday, April 23, 2012

Oragnized Meal Planning!

Our Favorite Meal Clip Board!

This was something I found on Pinterest and it was done with a restaurant menu. Well, since I know I don't have many menus laying around my house I improvised!

When I starting using this I thought it was only going to be used to help me to know what my family would want for dinners that week. What I did not realize is how much it helped me plan my shopping trip and save money at the same time.

When I would go to the grocery store before, I would wander aimlessly up and down each isle. With a scattered brain trying to think of what we would have for 7 dinners, lunches for my school aged kids, what the baby was going to need, what kind of cereal my husband would want, and all of this while my stomach is growling! Not a great combination. So, I would just randomly grab things out of the isle. I guess this is how the grocery stores make their money!

Once I made and started using this clip board, It helped me right out of the gate. My kids were excited to be picking out what we would have for the week and it was always going to be something my family liked. So, on Wednesday when the circulars came in the mail, I would take a peak and see what was going to be on sale, I would go through the envelope marked "Our Favorite Meals" and I would pull out 7 meals. I let my kids clip them onto the clip boards with the clothes pins for when they wanted to eat those meals. Now, I am able to make a grocery list almost without even looking in the circulars page by page. I know exactly what I will need for my Friday shopping day!

These is how I made my clip board. It is not fancy at all but it works!

1 clipboard
7 clothes pins
1 envelope
2- 8.5"X11" poster board

Glue 7 Clothes pins onto 1 sheet of poster board. glue the fold of the envelope to the bottom backside of the poster board. Write with the Sharpie each day of the week over the clothes pins and write on the envelope "Our Favorite Meals". Now, Cut the other piece of poster board in half vertically. Cut again into strips. Write on these pieces what your families favorite meals are and place them in the envelope. Once everything is dry clip it to your clip board and hang on a wall in your kitchen!