Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Shout Out!

As I sit here tonight on the eve of mother's day, I am thinking of all the things I have learned from my mother. I learned everything from her. From cooking and cleaning to caring for children and taking care of a family. I was raised by a stay at home mom and I learned everything I know from my mom. When I was a young teenager I took my mom for granted, as I am sure most of us do. Never really thinking about how I would someday need and use all the things she has taught me. I look at my daughter and hope that I am teaching her the same way I learned. I remember all those times that I gave my mom a hard time and fought her on everything from how much candy i could eat to what my curfew was when I became a teen. I now know that it was not easy for her and it is the most difficult job, ever! I have since called several times and apologized to her. Life is coming back around and it is biting me right in the behind with my daughter. I think about all the silly litte cards I made for my mom over the years when my kids hand me what they have made. When my kids bring me my coffee in the morning, I will be thinking about all the attempts I made to make breakfast in bed for my mom. All in all I love being a mom. I love my kids more than anything. As my children are celebrating me tomorrow. I will be celebrating my mom because without her I would not be the woman I am today! I love you Mama, Happy Mother's Day!