Summer Fun!

Build your own Wipeout Course!

You can gear this toward any age. You can make it tough for the older ones and simple for the young. Be creative and imaginative! Your kids will thank you and you will be enjoying hours of entertainment. Be sure to have a video camera on hand. You never know when an Americas Funniest Home Video clip could pop up!

Items you can use


    Let's go out and play!
  • Tarp- Lay this on the ground for them to slip and slide on. Make sure it is wet.
  • Pool Noodles - Use them for the kids to weave in and out and use them for whacking the kids
  • Sprinkler- Makes the course more difficult and fun!
  • Water Balloons- Use these for throwing at the kids, you can also run string higher up in your yard and tie the ballons onto the string and have the kids try to pop them.
  • Wiffle Ball Bat- Have the kids take a few spins around before they try out the course. Sure to be fun watch!

 These are just a few ideas. Be creative and have fun! I bet the neighbor kids will be wanting to hang in your back yard!