Baby Must Haves

When I was having my first child I had 2 baby showers and got lots of gift. Everything from plug protectors to crib! I was lucky if I even used a quarter of it. That was 10 years ago. I have learned a lot from them to now. I got rid of most everything that had to do with babies as I thought my baby years were over. All I had to start with was a crib from my son! So, in having to do it over again I have learned what I need and don't need. I will share some them with you. It makes it easier to register if you know what you will be needing!

You will need:

* A good sturdy crib
* High chair
* Good baby bath
* Changing table
* Swing
* Activity bouncer (for when they are a bit older)
* Car Seat / Combo Carriage

You will need:

* Onsies (All sizes)
* Stretchy sleepers (Outfits are really nice, but they get spit up on and are uncomfortable. Sleepers are easy to get on and off and are inexpensive if they get ruined. My kids lived in these!)
* A few nice outfits
* Wash Clothes
* Baby Shampoo, baby oil, and Wash ( You will go through a lot of this. It is nice to register for it and have it as back ups when you run out)
* Diaper Rash Ointment 
* Hydrocortisone Cream (This can be used for craddle cap and for any dry, flaky, or patchy skin they may get)
* Diapers ( Any Size, It is nice to have them around. When you can go through a box of 200+ diapers in a month you start to realize the expense is great!)
* Bottles If you are bottle feeding (Don't ask for to may of these as you may end up changing bottles. Plus, I find that if I only have 4 bottles then I know I have to get them clean before the next day. It is incentive for me to do the dishes!)
* Crib Sheets and Crib Toys
* Blankets (I got so many blankets and each one of my kids only used 1 that was their favorite, and they still sleep with them now!)
* Baby Monitor

Things I asked for on my registry that I never liked or did not use...

* Diaper Genie -This product I did not like at all. After putting in the diapers for a month or so, The plastic on the inside started to stink. I would have to climb in the bath tub to scrub it out but over time the smell would not go away. Even with a stick up freshener it still smelled. My recommendation is to buy a box of zip lock sandwich bags and seal them up in there. it is less expensive and keeps you garbage from smelling.

* To Many Newborn Sized Clothes - They will grow out of this size so fast! Unless you have a very small baby, I would recommend getting a few onsies and a few sleepers in this size and then asking for 3-6 months and up!

* Blankets - Again, I had so many blankets and not enough room to store them. Your baby usually likes what ever you give them at first because that is all they will know.

* Safety Devices -There are so many options for safety devices. I always chose to wait until I was going to need them before I bought them. Most of the time you don't know what you will need until your child starts getting into things!

* Baby Towels - Babies can use our towels. Some baby towels they sell are more scratchy than a towel you would buy for yourself, and can cost more too.